Blocks of the Month for 2019

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The colors given above each block image are only suggestions. You can follow them or use your own color scheme.

January 2019 BOM

Braided Star

Light Blue


February 2019 BOM

Everybody’s Favorite



March 2019 BOM

Cabbage Rose

Pinks and Whites


April 2019 BOM

Twisting Spool

Your Choice


May 2019 BOM

End of the Day



June 2019 BOM

All Those Squares

Multi Color and Whites


July 2019 BOM

Delaware Star

Blue, Gold and White


September 2019 BOM

Crayons and Pencils

Primary Colors


October 2019 BOM

Shoemaker’s Puzzle

Fall Colors


November 2019 BOM

Triangle Party

Reds and Whites


December 2019 BOM

Christmas Quilt 2001

Grays and Blue



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