Pfaff Coverlock 4852 Serger     $200.00

Pfaff Coverlock 4852 Serger

The five-thread machine with astounding performance! In addition to the 5 mm cover stitch and the double chain stitch, Pfaff's coverlock 4852 includes the 5-thread safety stitch. That's a real industrial stitch. Five threads are used to stitch two fabric pieces together and simultaneously finish the edges. This stitch lives up to its name. Use it for work clothes or children's clothing and even for upholstery - in short, anywhere lots of wear and tear are expected. Professionals know that each type of fabric has its own demands. Two needles, five threads, and 18 stitch programs give you the freedom to make all of your ideas a reality. No matter what fabric you prefer to use, Pfaff's coverlock 4852 has the perfect stitch. You can even combine various fabrics as you desire - everything is possible! With differential feed, nothing will slip or stretch!


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